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Our business-driven approach separates us from typical design companies.

Established in 1995 Interpost have been creating marketing material to suit the three main media types including newspaper, radio and internet marketing.

Using entry level software such as Quark, Adobe Photoshop along with Canon digital SLR cameras we can produce all your marketing images and artwork.

We can develop your company web site and make it work for you whether it be to sell your products or services using our trusted ecommerce system, produce leads for your sales by gathering names and address's, an online brochure as an extension to your marketing campaign or just somewhere to show off your expertise and gain your deserved credibilty. Whatever your requirements are we will work with you and develop your internet presence.

We understand how the newspapers and magazines work, we know what they want and we know their requirments for press ready artwork. It took us a while but if you have tried yourself you'll understand why. Using your brief we will create any advert whether it be a full page newspaper advert in greyscale or a 6x2 recruitment advert, a half page CMYK magazine advert or a double page spread we can help and guide you to get the best results from your advert.

  • websites from €199
  • pc software set up from €20
  • online gite booking from €100