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Gite booking and availability

There are thousands of Gites and Bed & Breakfasts throughout France, how do you intend to attract people?

You need to imagine yourself as the customer. You're sat at your computer searching away for a Gite in Brittany. You find what looks like the perfect Gite and better still it's yours!!

So, you know when you want to go away because you have the flights booked but the website you're looking at doesn't show availability online. It says "email us for availability". What does the customer do? Ok they might email you but will they wait for a relpy? Their partner is telling them, "we need to book and confirm this now!" So they search again until they can book and confirm a Gite. Unfortunately by the time you reply to their email they have already found another and paid the deposit.

We can offer you a solution

  • Online AvailabilityCustomers can check online whilst on your website if the dates they require are available.
  • Online BookingIf the dates are available they can now secure those dates and pay a deposit or even pay the full balance.
  • Easy to Manage CalendarWhether your booking is taken online or over the telephone, you can quickly alter the calendar to reflect any changes to room availability. So your booking calendar is always up to date and live.
  • websites from €199
  • pc software set up from €20
  • online gite booking from €100