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Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Many people now rely on their computer for communication or business. When it isn't working it has a knock on effect for many other activities.

There can be many reasons for a computer to stop doing what it's supposed to do. It can vary from a simple fault to something major, caused by various factures.

Human error plays a great part in many of the problems that can arrise. You might have downloaded a virus, incompatable software or hardware. A lightning strike or power surge can cause major problems so you need to be protected. But if you don't know what can occur then you wont know how to prevent or cure the problems.

Our aim is to get to you up and running as quickly as possible with minimum damage to your files and documents. We will also give you some sound advice on how to avoid many of the problems that can occur.

You can either bring your equipment to us or we can travel to you. We operate in the following areas of Brittany:

  • Callac
  • Rostrenen
  • Saint-Nicolas-du-Pelem
  • Bourbriac
  • Carhaix

Plus areas around and between those listed above.

We charge a €20 call out fee which covers travel and the first half hour for diagnosis.

An hourly rate of €20 per hour is our charge. (excluding any parts)

You will be told if any parts need replacing and how much it will cost for the work to be done. You will also be told if we feel the repair is not worth doing due to the computer being too old or beyond economic repair.

We will be honest and fair with you and above all we will be flexible. We know how the current economic climate has affected us all living in France and we take this into consideration for everyone.

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