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The world is your oyster with your own web presence.

Lets get straight to the point! Do you need a website? Well to be honest if your competitors have one then you really need to consider it. You will be missing the chance to show off your products or services to potential customers. Millions of people now use the internet as their first point of call and they will take their business to the most attractive proposal they find. Usually within the first 20 minutes of searching!

So it's important to get your point accross very quickly. These are the key points to a good website:

  • Attractive first appearance
  • Easy to navigate around the site
  • Friendly and not complicated
  • Easy to find information
  • Able to contact you easily
  • Phone numbers
  • Up to date information

These are just a few of the important features that the user requires but there are many more that they don't see and that's where we come in. The site needs to function correctly, load quickly, be found on search engines...we'll stop there before you loose interest!

It's difficult to put an exact price on every website as they are all unique so the bset way is show you a few examples of what you get for your money. A quick warning though! there are some companies offering a website for as little as €49 but consider this first: What can you possible get for so little? 1 page is a complete waste of time and money, we'll be straight with you, you need at least 5 pages to promote your services successfully. So you won't get less than that from us.


  • The Coffee Shop CafeThis shows a sample of a coffee shop themed web site. You could have something similar for only €199
  • Gite/HotelThis site has many more pages and features. Not all features are active in the demo but you will get the feel of it. only €499
  • Online Shop*This is a live website* so please don't place any orders unless you want them. This site shows the full capability of an online store accepting payments. up to €1000

The examples above are just to give you an idea as to what you get for your money. Everything is flexible and functions can be added or removed to fine tune the site to your exact requirments.

  • websites from €199
  • pc software set up from €20
  • online gite booking from €100